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The Healthiest Deep Fryer

Published by on August 19, 2011 under Home

The Healthiest Deep Fryer

French fries has always been my favorite food, but doctors say it’s not one of the healthiest foods out there, especially when it comes to losing weight. The good news is that with the new deep fryer introduced at Hammacher Schlemmer, you can cook your vegetables using only one tablespoon of oil.

The Healthiest Deep Fryer is a convection oven that heats to 338 degrees F and circulates the hot air evenly to your vegetables in order to produce a moist interior and a crunchy exterior.

The device features a timer, the cooking basin, clear cover and a paddle, all dishwasher safe. In the box you can find a useful recipe booklet.

Get The Healthiest Deep Fryer for $229.95 from Hammacher Schlemmer.


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