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Hands-on Review: Moon Lamp

Published by on April 15, 2019 under Reviews

This is the original version of the Moon Lamp, available at Brando, which remains one of the coolest illuminating solutions and a beautiful decorative object for any room. The lamp is also a great night light and mood light. You can select from three different light colors to relax or get that feeling of magic. The wooden stand adds a minimalist, natural look.


Body Color: White
Material: PLA
Power: 4W
Lighting Color: White & Yellow
Bulb: LED
Battery: 500mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery
Power by USB Cable
Cable Length: 100cm
Made of non-toxic, odorless, environmentally friendly PLDM material
Available sizes: 8cm, 10cm, 13cm, 15cm, 18cm, and 20cm

What I love most about it is that after charging I can hold it in my hands in the dark and get that special feeling of holding something magic. That’s possible thanks to the built-in rechargeable Li-Ion battery. You can power the lamp via USB and it takes about 2 hours to be fully charged. This means you don’t have to keep it plugged permanently, but just until it’s fully charged. After that you can move it anywhere you like.

What makes the ball look just like the moon is the 3D printing technology used to create it, printing it layer by layer. Although the lamp seemed fragile to me at first, my cats managed to knock it off the wall stand but I found no scratch on it so I can say the material and construction make it very are solid.

You can change to moon light effect by simply touching the control switch area at the bottom. This is where you plug the charging cable. You can change it to a white glow, purple glow (during charging) or the orange glow. All three look awesome and there doesn’t have to be completely dark in the room; it works even in low light. Plus, if you touch the control switch for more than one second, you can also adjust the brightness level of the chosen light effect.

The box came with the instruction manual, the USB charging cable and the wooden stand elements which I assembled in a minute. You can get a Mood Lamp like this from Brando for $35-$65, depending on the size you choose.

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