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Hair Dryer Holder Changes the way you dry your hair

Published by on November 18, 2016 under Beauty


Are you bored of the routine of drying your with the dryer in one hand and the brush in the other? Here comes the Clamp Hair Dryer Holder that will help you forget about this inconvenient, allowing you to concentrate just on making your hair look awesome.

Designed to fit all hair dryers, the clamp will grab on any table/desk, which makes hair drying more comfortable. It has an 65cm/25.5” flexible arm that will bend in any angle you want.

Let`s think that you just got out from the shower and you must get ready for a date, but you must dry your hair and do your nails first. Just set the Clamp Hair Dryer Holder on a table and start drying your hair while doing your nails at the same time.


Although you wouldn`t have to move your hand over your head anymore, you`d still swing your head in the direction of the hair dryer. Another inconvenient would be that in order to set the dryer support in the direction you want, you`d have to stop the drying until you adjust the new direction. These make the effortless hair drying not so effortless. Still, you can purchase the holder for $59 from Japan Trend Shop.


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