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Gresso Holiday-Themed USB Flash Drives

Published by on December 29, 2008 under Mobile

Gresso Holiday-Themed USB Flash Drives

Gresso Design is the famous designer of luxury cell phones characterized by small silver buttons in a dark brown chassis. The company has released these two different USB flash drive models inspiring the New Year 2009.
In case you didn’t get the right presents for the ones you love then you may use the remaining days until New Years Eve and get one of these.
You could choose between the Bull collection of red designs or the Enigma versions in the shape of a star.

Gresso Holiday-Themed USB Flash Drives

Enigma is a limited edition of 99 USB flash drives capable of holding three flash cards each having 64GB storage capacity. They are made of 200-year old African Blackwood and decorated with diamonds and 18K yellow and white gold.

On the other hand, the Bull collection of red USB flash drives made of 200-year old Royal Mahogany Wood are laser engraved with images of a bull inspired by the ancient oriental calendar.
Each piece is hand polished and feature aircraft steel rim.

Gresso Holiday-Themed USB Flash Drives

You can choose between the 4GB or 8GB storage capacities available and get the red models from Bely Veter Tsifrovoi stores in Russia. If you prefer the Enigma USB flash drives from Gresso there is a small thing you might want to know before purchasing – they cost $5,000 each 😀

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  2. I’m glad you liked it and yes, I’m trying to write about the coolest models.

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