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Gadget Watch: Android TV Boxes

Published by on August 9, 2012 under Home

Gadget Watch Android TV BoxesA new wave of technological advancements seems to be destined to change the landscape of both the internet and television, as we know it. It involves the relationship between the internet and television and includes a variety of different forms. The commonality linking all together however is the entertainment of television being brought through the internet.

Internet Television

The introduction of internet enabled televisions was an inevitable innovation considering our heavy reliance on televisions and the internet, as well as the intertwining nature of both. Since the ability to stream and download large sized videos was made easy through large broadband bandwidths and the expansion of the internet, we’ve been able to watch the same programs we watch on televisions, online.

Thus in light of the ability to watch programs on our PCs and laptops, the next logical step was always going to be televisions which brought the accessibility of the internet onto our TV screens.

We thus had laptops and computers that could link up via cables and HDMI wires to televisions. This was a handy innovation, but nothing like the convenience of simply having internet enabled televisions.

Internet Enabled TVs and Android TV Boxes

Internet enabled televisions are new innovations and certainly far from full development. In addition to these, we have been introduced to the android TV box and TV dongles. All have the same end goal of bringing everything we love so much about the internet to our televisions.

Social Media

The British based Visopix for example are keen on intermixing social media platforms with television, through the idea of social web TV. Their products therefore allow you to talk to your friends and family from across the street – or even globe – while watching television. One should expect this concept to develop, as it seems the most probable next large stride for both social media and television.


A similar scale of advancement looks set to be made in the field of advertisement. For decades on end the TV ad model has remained the same, and in desperate need of change. In Britain, the BBC aside, we’re bombarded with advertisements after every fifteen minutes of watching television. This was deemed necessary for the sponsoring and financial support of television; however a different model could maintain and even increase the economic sustenance of television, with the annoyance of having to sit through adverts.

This is certainly the view of Google who believe that adopting a similar advertisement structure to that of the internet will allow the world of television to continue to thrive financially, while giving the people a more user-friendly viewing experience.

The ability to stream our favourite programs and films on demand, directly on our televisions is of course, a key perk with internet enabled television. This is currently possible and the main reason many have turned towards online television.

The author of this article is Tahar Rajab, a young British writer. He was educated at Queen Mary College, University of London where he obtained an Honours Bachelors Degree in History in 2011. He has since gone on to write for a variety of blogs.

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