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The G-1 Glass Pool Table

Published by on May 21, 2011 under Fun

Author: Elena Opris

The G 1 Glass Pool Table

The future of technology promises a glass environment, so get a head start with this outstanding G-1 Glass Pool Table if you really want to surprise your friends with a game of pool.

Created by Nottage Design, the award-winning G-1 stands out among pool tables with the top quality 15mm Monolithic Float glass with exposed polished edges, a skeletal frame with a visible ball-return mechanism that weighs almost nothing, BCA-spec pockets, K-66 bumpers, topped with a patented Vitrik playing surface (acts like an average speed cloth that allows spins to be applied). Available in a custom range of powder-coated colors.

Find it at Firebox, for £34,999 (delivery included).

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3 Replies to "The G-1 Glass Pool Table"

  1. Poolsharp says:

    This one is so cool, however, honestly I think it wouldn’t work though cause a glass surface wouldn’t give that English to the ball.

    Unless they make the ball different though – which I doubt.

    But as far as coolness is concerned, this one ROCKS!.

  2. OG Review says:

    Just curious here. Is that as big as the standard sized tables or do they have several sizes. A small one for a room would be great.

  3. Best Pool Tables for Sale says:

    Pool tables are available in lots of individual sizes and designs. There are countless choices of pool table on online that your family and friends can play in pool room.

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