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FUNROBOT iCleaner Robots

Published by on June 17, 2011 under Home

Author: Elena Opris

FUNROBOT iCleaner Robots

A division of MSI called FUNROBOT reveals a collection of smart cleaning robots – iCleaner M800, iCleaner R500 and iCleaner R500D.

All of them have anti-collision radars that make the robots aware of their whereabouts while successfully eliminating dust mites. The M800’s suction power is three times stronger than any other standard products, the R500 is the world’s thinnest robot cleaner (only 5cm in height), so it’s great for reaching small places (it changes direction when encountering an obstacle), while the R500D is ultra-slim, measures 1.4kg and avoids up to 80% of bumps, in comparison to its predecessor (it automatically returns to charge for 90min).

Source: MSI Press Release


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