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Frixion Pen – My Favorite Handwriting Tool

Published by on April 23, 2013 under Office

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Since I stopped writing by hand years ago, when I got my first computer, my handwriting got ugly and it’s just hard for me to control a writing tool. Recently I discovered a new passion, jewelry making, and while learning stone setting techniques and how to work with metals, different design ideas come up to me and since I’m not used with writing on paper anymore, I always forget the ideas. That’s why I discovered these erasable pens so late, while wandering in a shop, but now I’m a fan of these and want to share with you why.

I have to tell to those of you who don’t care much about writing tools that these pens are great. They feature a special, plastic-like tip which erases everything you write with the pen, so you can start over or correct your mistakes here and there. They’re great for occasional sketches such as when you need to show to someone what you mean, or when you have to note your ideas as they come up.

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Frixion pens use thermo-sensitive ink that disappears from paper at high temperature, through friction. This means you can’t use these pens for writing important things, like essays, or documents, because if they get stored in rooms with high temperature, they would start to fade.

Frixion pens developed by Pilot come in several colors, such as blue, black, pink, red, and green, with thinner or thicker balls, with caps or retractable, and there are also erasable highlighters in green, yellow, pink, blue, and orange. You can find them available for affordable prices of about $2.60 for a piece or in sets.


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