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The Fire Bucket Ashtray

Published by on July 16, 2009 under Outdoors

The Fire Bucket Ashtray

You can find ashtrays in almost any shape and style, from cheap ones to LED-lit models and designer ashtrays. This one here is called the Fire Bucket Ashtray and, as its name suggests, its design was inspired by old fire buckets filled with water, that people used for extinguishing fire.

It’s clear that the creator likes retro styles and focuses on the practical aspect of industrial designs.
I like it because it sports a rich red color and looks cute while in use.

The Fire Bucket Ashtray is made from enameled steel and replaces water with sand to let you put off cigarettes. You can use it indoors and outside, on a table or attached on the wall.
The ashtray sells for around £7 and comes with sand and wall mount.


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