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How to Feel Beautiful and Glamorous in a Maxi Dress

Published by on August 20, 2013 under Beauty

How to Feel Beautiful and Glamorous in a Maxi DressMaxi dresses are beautiful and breezy, an ultra versatile summer outfit that you can wear to the resort, the library or a night out on the town. With a stunning array of fabrics, prints, colors and styles to choose from, these ankle-length flowing dresses not only flatter your physique, but they can take you from the office party to the pool party with a few simple accessories.

Although maxi dresses provide ample comfort and sophistication that is sure to grab attention, an ill-fitting dress or clashing colors can ruin your look and give you the kind of attention you don’t need. Regardless of your body type, you can still strut your stuff in one of these floor-sweeping dresses. Whether you’re heading down to the shore for the weekend or going on a tropical island vacation, the following tips can help you feel beautiful and glamorous in a maxi dress.

Flaunt your shape. Just because some maxi dresses have a billowy look doesn’t mean they have to be entirely shapeless. Wearing a belt or selecting a maxi dress with a cinched waist can really show off your curves. The Sanela Apricot Embellished Jersey Maxi Dress from Canyon Beachwear will make you feel like a goddess. This Grecian-inspired jersey dress features a cinched waist and a center slit up the leg. The top has amazing metallic gold embroidery detail with straps that tie at the shoulder.

Add some height. Pumps or strappy sandals can take your maxi dress up a notch. For a little lift that can make you shine in your dress, as well as show off your legs, wedges or high-heeled sandals can really complement your look.

Experiment with prints. Clashing colors or a jumble of designs can give the impression that your maxi dress is wearing you – not the other way around. Select prints and patterns that are tasteful and flattering to your body type. You can’t go wrong with vertical prints and details, which can have a slenderizing effect. Avoid large patterns. Colors such as black, eggplant and dark green help to minimize and make you look taller.

Don’t forget the accessories. Maxi dresses are flirty and feminine, and you can get a lot of mileage out of one dress with the right accessories. A chunky bracelet or chic set of bangles can give you an edgy look. If your dress features a plunging neckline, a pair of dangling earrings can add just the right touch.


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