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Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Published by on June 10, 2010 under Mobile

Fathers Day Gift Ideas

If you are preparing for the Father’s Day and need some interesting or inexpensive Father’s Day gift ideas, let’s take a look at 10 gadgets we chose for you to check out. The following items are just suggestions so you to get some general gift ideas for Father’s Day and know what to ask for in stores, or, who knows, maybe you will really like some of these and choose to get them for fathers in your families.

1. A self-stirring mug
This mug is not necessarily for lazy people but more for smart ones because you can spend a few seconds doing something in the kitchen or in your office while the mug stirs your coffee, tea, hot chocolate or other drink. It activates as you press the button on the handle and stirs the drink until you stop it.
You can get one for $18.99 from

2. An Apple iPad

Fathers Day Gift Ideas

If you have about $400 to spend on something very useful and high-tech you could go for the Apple iPad tablet computer. It is a portable computer with touch-screen display on which your dad can do lots of things, starting from browsing the web and writing documents while on the go to installing all kinds of cool apps for fun.
You can buy it from the Apple Store.

3. The Gear Ring from Kinekt Design

Fathers Day Gift Ideas

For modern and young dads who like to wear rings, the Gear Ring would be a good choice. It was created by Kinekt Design from stainless steel and resembles a small mechanism. Fathers can play with the ring to eliminate stress by spinning the outer rims to turn the six gears.
You can get it for $165 from Kinekt Design.

4. A TakeMS MEM-Drive Superb USB flash drive

Fathers Day Gift Ideas

MEM-Drive Superb is a silver USB flash drive made from chromed zinc alloy, featuring a small diamond and up to 8GB storage capacity. Your dad can attach it to the keychain and use it as an accessory or to transfer files between computers.
You can get it from TakeMS for around EUR 160, depending on the capacity you choose.

5. A portable pocket digital TV

Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Your father probably enjoys watching sports or TV shows while on the go. If this is true then he might love to receive the portable digital TV from Hammacher Schlemmer, which fits inside a shirt’s pocket. It is small and has a widescreen display of 480 x 272 pixels and 60-degree viewing angles. He can watch TV without disturbing the others around by using earphones. The device powers from a rechargeable Li-Ion battery that provides up to four and a half hours of operating time from a full charge.
It is available at Hammacher Schlemmer for $199.95.

6. A Bluetooth rearview car mirror with caller ID

Fathers Day Gift Ideas

This smart gadget installs on the existing rearview mirror inside your car and connects to your cell phone via Bluetooth to display the Caller ID, name and number on the mirror. It also features a detachable Bluetooth earpiece, an FM transmitter for music, voice dialing, redial, pairing with two cell phones, call waiting, storage for up to 200 numbers, and others. It powers from a rechargeable Li-Ion battery.

It is available at Chinavasion for $37.60.

7. A Sony ebook reader

Fathers Day Gift Ideas

For around $200 you can get an ebook reader from Sony and the father in your family will surely enjoy reading his favorite books while on the go. An example could be the Sony Reader Touch Edition in black featuring a 6-inch touch display and support for ebooks, images and audio files. You can choose to engrave it at SonyStyle with anything you want.

8. A watch phone

Fathers Day Gift Ideas

You can find watch phones in many places and the Special Ops. phone watch is one example. If your dad likes tech accessories then he would probably love to wear this watch. It not only shows the time, but has built-in cell phone functionality with quad-band support, a touchscreen display, Bluetooth with A2DP, 2GB storage capacity, handwriting recognition for composing text messages and MMS, multimedia player, and built-in camera with video recording.
The model comes in a nice gift box and is available at Chinavasion for $143.21.

9. A T-Qualizer shirt

Fathers Day Gift Ideas

At ThinkGeek you can find many interactive t-shirt models and the T-Qualizer is one of the most popular. It displays an equalizer that changes dynamically with the music or sounds around.
This is an unique gift idea for a dad who likes music and interactive things. has it at $29.99.

10. A personalized dad family clock

Fathers Day Gift Ideas

This is probably one of the best Father’s Day gift ideas. The desk clock can be personalized with seven names, like in the image, and you can also add a nice gift box.
The Personalized Dad Family Clock is available at BlissLiving for $64.99.

This post includes affiliate links to some of the mentioned online stores.

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