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Two New Fashion Eyewear Collections From Nooka

Published by on March 2, 2011 under Beauty

Guest post written by Andreea R.

Two New Fashion Eyewear Collections From Nooka

Women spend most money on two things: shoes and accessories. Of course, if she’s not already a mother. In this case, money take a different direction. We already know that shoes are considered the best investment, even the most sustainable investment. Accessories are in no way inferior. On the contrary, many women prefer to buy more accessories instead of a single pair of shoes.

Accessories is already a too small word for the visual image women have in mind when saying this magic word: accessories. Women already see watches, earrings, rings, bracelets, hats, gloves, keychain, chains, necklaces, handbags. Oook, let’s stop and talk a bit about glasses.

Lately, the glasses seem to be a must have. There are a lot of women who wear glasses even if they don’t have vision problems. We put in this list also the famous Anastacia, who has an impressive collection of glasses even though she sees very well. Why glasses are so important for women? The answer is very simple. With a pair of glasses, of course well chosen, we can get the look we want.

Two New Fashion Eyewear Collections From Nooka

We can be sophisticated, sexy, playful or serious. Speaking of good choices, you cannot go wrong choosing a pair of fantastic glasses from Nooka, especially the Mercury Collection which is the first polymer model of sunglases. These sunglasses are even very useful and comfortable because they have rubber nose pieces and ear guards. Depeding of your style or mood, you can choose between four neon colors: blue, green, pink and orange. Of course, if you are a more classic nature, then choose black and white sunglasses from the Venus collection.

Talking in financial terms, Mercury sunglasses cost $130, while Venus sunglasses cost $275. It’s up to you what pair of sunglasses you’ll choose, but with Nooka you cannot go wrong.


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