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Evolve: A Triple Toothbrush

Published by on September 1, 2014 under Beauty

Evolve Triple Toothbrush (1)

This is a new toothbrush concept recently launched at Indiegogo. I personally admire new product ideas meant to improve our lives, but this time I have some critics to make. First let’s see what new features the Evolve toothbrush brings.

Evolve is a toothbrush that has three brushes and that’s why I called it the triple toothbrush. The main brush is fixed and works like a regular toothbrush, cleaning the upper part of your teeth, while the other two are flexible and in charge with cleaning the sides of your teeth and the gums. When you press it over your teeth, the two flexible brushes bend simultaneously over the gum line.

Evolve Triple Toothbrush (2)

Everything sounds great, just that I’m not sure how the toothbrush would fit inside the mouth, especially in the molars area. I have a normal mouth but I prefer to use only toothbrushes designed for children because those are easier to work with in tight areas. In other words, Evolve seems too big.

Evolve Triple Toothbrush (3)

If you want to read more about Evolve and pre-order the toothbrush, check the Indiegogo campaign page where it’s available for $10. The retail price will be of $15.


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