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EgoBook – The Facebook Book

Published by on January 5, 2011 under Fun

EgoBook The Facebook Book

You spend most of your free time on Facebook and always keep an eye on the updates even while working. If this describes you then here is a great product that allows you to preserve your Facebook activity for 2010 in a physical book.

It’s called the EgoBook and anyone can use the online Facebook application to create a personal Facebook book. In this book you can have all the status updates, pictures, wall messages and even the commends posted on your profile. In the same book you can find a top 20 of your best commenters and a photo mosaic of your best friends.

EgoBook The Facebook Book
EgoBook The Facebook Book
EgoBook The Facebook Book

EgoBook allows you to keep all the Facebook memories of 2010 in a physical book and even make gifts for your friends for whom Facebook is an important aspect of life.

To create your personal EgoBook you have to access the Facebook application and order it starting at $22.45.

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