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Premium E Cigarettes – Fashion Forward Smoking?

Published by on May 1, 2012 under Mobile

Premium E Cigarettes - Fashion Forward Smoking

Are you a smoker looking for that certain selection, style, and flavor of electronic cigarette? Well, look no more. Instead, take a look at PEC!

At present, PEC offers batteries in fifteen different colors, etched designs which are inspired by artisans, and e-cig cases in more than ten colors. Offering the first single piece e-cig that is disposable, along with batteries which are custom designed, PEC has a selection of digital cigarette items offered that is clearly the widest available selection out there.

The electronic cigarette reduces harmful effects created by the use of tobacco, while still delivering nicotine. It is not intended as a nicotine replacement gadget, yet has nicotine levels which are concentrated and can be adjusted as desired. PEC also offers solutions that are nicotine free as well. The flavorings that the nicotine solutions are available in seem to have popularity with women. More than 19 flavors, including coffee, vanilla, and cola are available.

In an electronic cigarette, an atomizing element delivers a solution of nicotine in vapor form to the consumer through a cartridge. The benefits to using e-cigarettes are many: first and foremost, no tobacco (no toxins, carcinogens, or poisons, and no secondary smoke inhalation), additionally, there is no flame. A lithium ion battery is what powers the electronic cigarette. It allows for the atomizer to fire and thus, no match (no flame) is necessary. Therefore, there is no danger of being burnt, not for the user, or anyone around them. PEC offers a variety of designs, styles, and colors, not only in mainstream retail stores, but online as well.

PEC is a leader in fashion forward items with a large selection of styles and colors in the electronic cigarette industry. They design their products with women in mind, because it is women who make 85% of the decisions regarding purchases. 250 million women worldwide smoke! This means that PEC, along with the industry of e-cigs as a whole, directs a large part of their collective marketing focus to this demographic.

Premium E Cigarettes - Fashion Forward Smoking

A focus on freedom, empowerment, and rebellion has largely been the marketing approach used in targeting women who smoke traditional cigarettes thus far. For instance, back in the days of the flappers (circa, early 1920’s), women were encouraged with slimmer cigarettes to rebel. The glamour of a slimmer cigarette has long been a marketing approach that works with women.

Going a step beyond that, PEC has chosen to focus on design and fashion aesthetics in employing the use of artisan etched batteries and custom designed items, available in abstract, holiday, and floral designs. There are also many colors to choose from, including pinks (for the ladies!), along with shiny metallics, and deeply jeweled tones. All of these colors and styles are appealing to women. How nice to match clothing and wardrobe with one’s electronic cigarette!

Premium E Cigarettes is an offshoot of PremiumEstore LLC, based in Virginia Beach, VA. To learn more about electronic cigarettes, visit them at


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  1. E cigarettes would really benefit the people who are addicted of smoking as it is healthier than traditional cigarette smoke. Traditional cigarette may lead to diseases like lung cancer due to the use of tobacco, So e cigarettes can minimize health risks.

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