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Backup and Restore your System with EaseUS Todo Backup Free

Published by on June 7, 2016 under Apps

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Do you need a free application to backup your computer quickly and without headaches? I suggest you to try Easeus Todo Backup Free, which you can download from the official website to install and use right away. The software is available in several languages and you can use it also for Windows 10 backup as the latest version works on Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP.

Also available in other two, paid, versions delivering more features, Todo Backup allows you to perform different types of backup, from single file backup, cloud backup and incremental backup, to OS migration and cloning. I’ll tell you more about each in the following lines. Firstly, let’s see what the free version can help you with.

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With Easeus Todo Backup Free you can backup and restore files, folders, partitions or the entire system; perform cloud backup; create a WinPE bootable disk; backup only changes made since the last backup (incremental backup); clone the disk or partition, migrate to SSD/HDD; and support MBR, GPT disk, RAID and UEFI/EFI boot. If you need more, you can purchase one of the paid versions to backup to tape, transfer the OS to a different computer, migrate the system to virtual PC and VMware, use a central management console, exclude files from backups, backup and recover Outlook, backup to FTP server, or schedule backups. Also, the paid versions include free technical support and those above and just the main features. For the full list of capabilities, check the official page.

As for the interface of the free version and how easy it is to access the features, you can see in the screenshots I made that the interface looks clean, friendly and well organized. From the main window you can start disk/partition backup, file backup, system backup, smart backup, clone, logs and recovery. From the Tools menu on the right you can verify an image, create an emergency disk, wipe data, use the iSCSI Initiator, enable preOS, and mount/unmount an image.

My favorite feature is Smart Backup. Once you have a backup, this feature monitors all the changes made to those files and folders and performs automatic backup of only those changes, every 30 minutes, but you can recover files at any time. If you prefer to schedule backups daily, weekly, monthly or upon event (system startup/shutdown, user log on/log off, USB device plugged in), you can do this from the File Backup menu, after turning on Schedule.

If you want to manually select the type of backup to be performed for a specific file/folder, you can select from the Backup menu, Full Backup, Incremental Backup (backs up only changes made since last backup) or Differential Backup (backs up only changes made since the last full backup).

This is also a reliable cloning software for creating the exact copy of an entire partition or the entire HDD, which helps you recover everything in case of drive failure.

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Download Easeus Todo Backup Free or get the full version for $23.20, to have all the features, or for $31.20, if you need the workstation-level tools and support.

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  1. Marty Rogers says:

    Thanks for sharing this backup software. I generally use cloud backup storage for my important files.

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