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DYMO Touchscreen Label Maker

Published by on October 23, 2012 under Office

DYMO Touchscreen Label Maker

DYMO LabelManager 500, also known as DYMO Touch Screen, is a high-end device coming in a small form factor, which enables you to create and print labels having a computer-like keyboard for typing and a full-color touch screen for tapping. The device allows you to change fonts, format text and add graphics, among other things, and can be connected to the computer for advanced customization, working on both PC and Mac, with the DYMO software.

Users also have the possibility to download labels for editing and on-the-go printing, while customization options include 10 fonts, 25 font sizes, 32 text styles, 5 boxes with underline, as well as 325 symbols and clip-arts.

You can use the device to print graphics, logos and barcodes, store 500 labels, or save store settings and data for 5 users.

DYMO Touchscreen Label Maker

DYMO LabelManager touchscreen label maker is available for purchase at Amazon for $142.


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