Darth Vader Hair Dryer Concept

Author: Elena Opris

Darth Vader Hair Dryer Concept

We have to admit that the Star Wars series has come up with a lot of crazy gadgets to put up for sale. But what about a hair dryer? Any die-hard fan (ok, maybe women mostly) would love to get their hands on a Darth Vader hair dryer.

Darth Vader Hair Dryer Concept

Designed by Tembolat Gugkaev, the Darth Vader-based hair dryer is a very nice concept, with a design that looks like the evil Sith’s iconic electronic mouthbox (black, obviously). We would love to see this gadget put into this production as I’m sure mothers will tremble with fear when being threatened by Darth Vader’s hair dryer. Because “Luke, I am your dryer!”

Sources: DVICE, Behance

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