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Cute USB Computer Companions from GeekStuff4U

Published by on July 4, 2009 under Unique Gift Ideas


GeekStuff4U has just introduced these cute computer companions that would make our mobile office work more pleasant.
You can plug them into any of your free computer USB ports and start working on your files. As soon as the small character hears your voice or other sounds it will start moving at random, suggesting it’s alive.

There are four USB computer companions you can choose from if not getting all. There is the Ultraman, the Sergeant Keroro Frog, Momotaros and one that couldn’t miss from the set, Hello Kitty.


Each character is available for purchase for $37.96 and measures about 2.36 inches in height, so it won’t occupy much space near your peripherals.

(Source: GeekStuff4U Blog)

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