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Ctrl Alt Del Cup Set Review

Published by on January 21, 2011 under Reviews

Ctrl Alt Del Cup Set Review

I’m sure that those of you who love computers, programming and design will want to have this lifestyle gadget. It’s actually a set of cups designed to look like classic black keyboard keys that you type on every day. The Ctrl+Alt+Del cupset can be a great office companion and kitchen gadget because you can use it to drink your morning coffee, tea and water, as well as to eat ice cream and others.

I received the black version from for this review and rated it five stars out of five on the product’s page. You’ll find out why from the following lines.

Like on any black keyboard, the dust particles can be easily seen, as well as the scratches, but the cups seem to be made from a durable plastic material that doesn’t produce the annoying noises of porcelain and glass.

You can handle them easily and do whatever you like with them and later place these on the tray. It’s the second thing I like. You can save space by keeping them in line on the circuit board tray and leave them to dry inside.

While on the kitchen table or in any other place, the Ctrl+Alt+Del cup set looks eye-catching thus can be used as a decoration item. I’m sure all my future guests will be surprised and ask me about the keyboard keys in the kitchen.

Ctrl Alt Del Cup Set Review
Ctrl Alt Del Cup Set Review

The aspect I like most is the cups’ capacity. Even if they look very large, they hold exactly the same amount of coffee I prepare every morning in my old cup, which is about 150-175ml. More than that, as I told you earlier, you can use these to drink water and tea, or to eat deserts, creams and yogurt.

Ctrl Alt Del Cup Set Review

One last thing I need to highlight is the affordable price you can buy these at. The Ctrl+Alt+Del cup sets are available now at for only $10.99 and if you think you’ll receive more than two guests at the next visit, you can get more sets in black or white. They also make a great gift idea. The white ones with black interior look awesome so don’t forget to take a look at those too.


3 Replies to "Ctrl Alt Del Cup Set Review"

  1. Alessandro says:

    I find it ugly, but this only my point of view. I was looking for some women gift ideas and found your website, quite nice by the way, and full of ideas, good ones and less good ones, but still worth exploring. Hope you don’t mind my opinion on the specific object.



  2. Dana R says:

    I think these cups looks amazing and I prefer the white version! :biggrin:

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