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CreoPop 3D Pen with Cool Inks

Published by on July 6, 2014 under Fun

CreoPop 3D Pen Cool Inks (1)

CreoPop is a 3D pen that allows you to create different 3D designs and is fun for both children and adults. The pen uses stereolithography and light-sensitive ink called photopolymers, so unlike other 3D pens on the market, CreoPop doesn’t use heat or melted plastic that produces unpleasant smells.

CreoPop 3D Pen Cool Inks (2)

When you operate the 3D pen, the Cool Ink is solidified by UV diodes placed around the nozzle. This allows you to safely create fun 3D objects. You can find different types of Cool Ink, like the standard colored ink for creating basic objects, or glow-in-the-dark ink for creating Christmas decorations that radiate in dark rooms. There are also temperature-sensitive inks that change color, or aromatic inks fr creating perfumed accessories for the bathroom. The body paint inks allow you to create tattoos inspired by henna designs. Other inks include elastic inks, glittering inks and magnetic inks, which you can use for fridge magnets for example.

CreoPop 3D Pen Cool Inks (4)
CreoPop 3D Pen Cool Inks (3)

You can read more information about the CreoPop 3D pen and Cool Inks on the official site and pre-order them at Indiegogo starting at $89.

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