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The Coverage Offered by Student Insurance

Published by on September 13, 2012 under Office

The Coverage Offered by Student InsuranceThere are different kinds of insurance policies offered to students, but the ones that most commonly come under the term “student insurance” as offered by major providers like Endsleigh, refer to contents insurance policies offered to those in the further education system and living in different types of accommodation. Essentially these policies are not hugely different from standard non-student contents insurance available to those who do not own the property they live in, but there are variants in the coverage provided by some of the policies, which are designed to reflect the needs and priorities of students.

For example, some student insurance policies are designed to give priority cover to electronic items – like mobile phones, iPods, digital cameras and laptop computers – which are central to both the working and social lives of young people. An example of this type of tailored student insurance policy is the student gadget insurance bundle offered by Endsleigh which, as the name indicates, bundles together all of your electronic gadgets under a single cheap gadget insurance. This type of cover would obviously be most suitable for a student who has a lot of these kinds of electronic devices or makes frequent use of the ones that they do have.

It is also possible to get a student insurance policy for a vehicle such as a bicycle – which is a popular form of transport for many students – although this is a variant on standard vehicle insurance, rather than contents insurance, policy. Again such a specifically tailored policy is suitable for someone for whom their bike is the primary means of transport to and from university. For most students a standard student halls insurance or house sharer insurance policy – which will protect all of their belongings depending on which of these housing options applies to them – will be the most suitable form of cover.

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