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Comprehensive Mobile Monitoring Solution from Aternity

Published by on February 22, 2013 under Mobile

Comprehensive Mobile Monitoring Solution from AternityStatistics show that for the majority of businesses, mobile computing has become an important factor in increasing productivity, while most businesses are already making plans to deploy custom mobile applications in the near future, and that’s because more and more employees are using their smartphones for business purposes.

Having an innovative approach to end user experience management, Aternity covers any transaction on any device, from anywhere and at any moment, calling its solution the Aternity Mobile Frontline Performance Intelligence. In other words, the MFPI enables a unified view of end user experience management across physical systems, virtual desktop computers and mobile devices, for web, native and virtual mobile apps.

While the IT business industry won’t be able to keep full control over the end user experience for business apps, because business users continue to embrace Bring Your Own Device, Aternity wants to solve this by delivering a mobile monitoring platform with support for all Android and iOS applications.The MFPI was designed to collect information on devices, networks and service metrics, enabling organizations to manage performance issues, isolate mobile-related problems and significantly reduce Mean Time To Repair.

The key features of Aternity MFPI include support for native mobile applications, mobile web applications and for virtualized mobile applications. Monitored data cover details about device hardware, resources, device status and features, mobile network characteristics, and Wi-Fi network characteristics.

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