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Comparison Shopping Delivers Relevant Results for Shoppers

Published by on March 25, 2014 under Mobile

Comparison Shopping Delivers Relevant Results for ShoppersYour online retail site has been going very well. You get many return customers, and your ranking in organic searches are holding steady. You have had the site long enough to have established many backlinks from product review sites and other blog postings. You are optimized for mobile shopping. You promote your products regularly through social media sites, which gives you a solid following of prospective customers. You have once again redone your descriptions and product information to conform to the latest algorithm changes for organic searches.

You have a good email subscriber list, and you send regular newsletters and promotions. Your Facebook site has a decent amount of fans, and you try to stay abreast with Facebook’s latest post suppressions. You work hard to build, maintain and compete in an online environment. It is estimated that 36 percent of the shoppers determine which merchant to use based upon the referrals from their friends on social media.

In fact, the Web is so big that a shopper has a hard time finding the product they are looking to buy, and they cannot tell if they are getting a good price for the product. If your product line consists of one of a kind products or artisan goods, you may not feel the effects of this as much as someone who is selling goods that can be found on several sites. If your business sells assorted items like paper goods, electronic goods or other consumer goods, you will find you are in a competitive field of online retailers.

Shoppers will do generic searches on a search engine and hope the results will deliver the product they are looking to buy. Too many of the search engines have put paid advertisements ahead of real search results, which may mean the buyer may not see the product they really want. They either have to wade through the inappropriate suggestions from the search engine or turn to a comparison-shopping site where they can find exactly what they want and look at a variety of prices, both online and in local stores.

When you want to compete with the prices of a local store, you must have your products fed to the sites by using a comparison shopping management solution. This allows you to have your products and their prices fed to the shopping sites. Customers can then compare your price with shipping to what they can get locally.

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