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Christmas Crafts – Things To Make And Do When The Nights Draw In

Published by on November 19, 2013 under Fun

Winter evening crafts are not only a fun hobby but also a great way of saving money if you’re thinking of getting your friends and family personalised Christmas presents this year.

Christmas Crafts Things To Make And Do When The Nights Draw In

When the clocks go back in October it really starts to feel as though winter is setting in. Many people find outdoor activities less appealing and look to take up something creative to fill the hours. A crafting hobby also has the advantage that they are often inexpensive and could save you a few pounds over the Christmas period if your work can double as a gift or decorative piece around the home. This article looks at some great Christmas crafting ideas.

Autumnal and Christmas Wreaths

These decorations look great when hung on your front door. You don’t have to wait until your Christmas decorations go up to enjoy a hand-crafted wreath. For beginners, buy a wreath base from a hobby shop. If you have some skills already, then fashion one for yourself from florists’ wire and twine. Try wrapping it around something circular like a wide jug. Once you have your base, weave foliage through the structure. Hazel twigs are good as the bend around corners. Anything which has bright berries will also make for a good autumnal look and will also work well at Christmas. Wrap some twine around the wreath so that you can hang it on your door. To adapt it so that it works as a Christmas decoration add holly and use spray snow so that it looks as if it has had a light dusting.

Abstract Winterscapes

Try your hand at painting this winter. You don’t need to have great natural light in order to attempt an abstract piece. Instead, try working in with washes of colour that you daub onto either paper or canvas with bold strokes which don’t rely on precision. Try to create a wintry mood with your colour palette. A good base colour is light grey with some blue undertones running through it. Try to blend in more blue here or there, to convey a winter’s sky. Once your base colour is completed, it is time to add some interest. Use darker grey, and even slate tones, which could represent anything from trees to silhouettes of people. When you are happy, add some flicks of white to highlight the image and to add a feeling of a snowy winterscape.

Miniature Christmas Trees

Kids love decorating Christmas trees. If you have an enthusiastic junior decorator in the family, then why not give them their own tree to play with? Simply find a suitable twig from the garden which has several branches. Allow it to dry out thoroughly, then paint it completely white with poster paint. While the paint is drying make a base. Stuff modelling clay into an old jam jar so that it is weighed down. Now push the end of your painted stick into the middle of the clay and stand the structure up so that it won’t topple. Now, encourage your kids to make their own decorations from glittery card and ribbon which they can hang on their very own miniature Christmas tree.


If you want to relax, settle down on the sofa, wrap up in a blanket, and try your hand at knitting. Hand-made knitwear makes for great Christmas presents that offer a personal touch. Advanced knitters will be able to get on with jumpers and cardigans and even bed throws during a winter evening, but there is nothing to stop novices. Try your first attempt at a scarf. Always use good quality yarn and don’t be put off if you make the odd mistake because everybody does.

Whatever your choice of evening craft, try not to fall into the trap of giving up at the first problem. Most of us improve rapidly with practice. And remember that craft hobbies off so much more satisfaction than sitting in front of the television.


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  2. […] Christmas Crafts – Things To Make And Do When The Nights Draw In […]

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