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Christmas Adverts: What to Expect this Year

Published by on November 28, 2013 under Fun

Christmas Adverts What to Expect this YearWhether you’re a fan of Christmas or not, there’s no escaping the Christmas adverts that have already arrived on our screens and, as we get closer to Christmas, we’ll likely see more of them, more regularly. For some, seeing the first influx of beautifully made adverts can be a sign of the magic of things to come and, as digital technology improves, the adverts do too.

Some adverts showcase the wonders of the brand they’re advertising while others tend to aim at the kids, hoping that their parents see them too and add the toy to the must-have list. Here are some of the ones you can expect to see over the coming days and weeks – whether you like it or not!

John Lewis

This has gone viral online as well as on the TV at the moment, owing largely to the incredible talent that has gone into creating the masterpiece. John Lewis adverts never fail to amaze many viewers and they’ve pulled out all the stops this year, too. The Bear and the Hare will certainly tug at your heartstrings, while the genius behind the production of it will be even more impressive when you realise that it’s created by using a series of 2D stop motion illustrations on a 3D set – amazing!


A feel-good advert that has been created by Oscar-winning director Kevin MacDonald, Christmas in a Day has been made from crowd-sourced clips of ordinary people enjoying Christmas. They have then been spliced together to form the finished product. Produced by Ridley Scott, Sainsbury’s have really pushed the boat out – you’ll be able to see the finished advert on your TVs from the 29th November.


These are just one of the toy brands that tend to advertise their must-have toys as Christmas draws nearer. After all, kids all over the country will want to see toys in action to help inspire them! The Imaginext Castle, for example, has an advert of its own showcasing the fun and role play that can be had by little boys imagining they’re knights battling dragons!


The Christmas season always begins when we see the Coca Cola advert clog up the intermission, doesn’t it? Santa Claus and a bottle of coke is all you need to show that the holidays are coming!

Whether any of these are your favourites, or you’re waiting to see what their rival brands are going to release, the festive season is awash with adverts that appeal to adults and children alike – and are a true sign that Christmas is just around the corner.


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