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Choosing the Best E-Reader

Published by on December 3, 2012 under Mobile

Choosing the Best E ReaderThe way in which people are reading the latest bestsellers is changing beyond all recognition. Libraries and bookstores are struggling to retain their customers, as people continue to opt for electronic versions of the latest books. There are now several websites that allow people to buy and download an entire ebook in just a matter of seconds. The ability to browse thousands of older titles gives people flexibility and access they have never had. However, there are several options when it comes to selecting the best e-reader for the job, and coming to a final decision can be tricky.

The craze for ebooks started with Amazon’s revolutionary Kindle, and it looks like Amazon’s latest device will ensure that the Kindle brand remains the premier brand in the e-reader market. The original versions included rather dreary grey screens; however, the Kindle Paperwhite has a beautiful white screen which is perfectly lit for reading in any environment. The tech wizards at Amazon have successfully upgraded the device’s contrast capabilities, and the result is a reading experience that more accurately recreates the experience of reading an actual book.

Owners of Apple’s iPhone have a multitude of e-reader options available in the form of apps. Kindle’s own app is already very popular, and Apple’s iBooks app has been successful by virtue of it being pre-installed in iPhones and iPads. However, both of these e-reader apps have been singled out for some criticism. Both programs primarily draw on a database of their own books, so integration of books sold by a third-party can be tricky. These apps have also been criticised for their functionality. However, the Nook app has been widely lauded as the most impressive of all the e-reader apps. Users can create their own page themes, and there are a multitude of display options to choose from.

Most e-reader apps are at a disadvantage, as their screens are difficult to read in direct sunlight, so Amazon’s Kindle or the relatively new Nook deliver the best all-round reading experiences. Reading the latest releases such as Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Total Recall or Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson is a joy on both of these devices – whatever the weather.


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    I love the amazon ebook reader and using it too and what your’s ? 😎

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