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Chips Maker for the Microwave – Review

Published by on December 12, 2011 under Reviews

Chips Maker for the Microwave Review

At you can find, among other things, many useful kitchen tools like the chips maker set that was designed to slice potatoes and cook them in the microwave. We’ve received one for a blog review and because I currently don’t have a microwave I asked some friends to help me with this. We sliced a half of a big potato within a minute, arranged the slices in the included white support and cooked them.

The slicer works great. You can slice potatoes quickly and easily. The slices are collected under the slicer, inside the clear bowl.

Chips Maker for the Microwave Review
Chips Maker for the Microwave Review
Chips Maker for the Microwave Review
Chips Maker for the Microwave Review

Now comes the sensitive part of the story. The slicer should combine with the bowl but the size doesn’t match so I had to keep it still with one hand to collect the potato slices. Secondly, you need to make sure your potato slices aren’t big because they will stick to each other while in the microwave. The saddest thing was that the plastic support melted in the microwave. I kept it inside for 3 minutes and the potatoes were crude. I left them another 3 minutes and they weren’t ready. After another 5 minutes 90% of them were burned and a portion of the support was melted. I was glad the melted plastic didn’t reach the microwave’s surface.

After doing some research at home I found out that these plastic chips makers support a maximum heat of about 200 degrees Celsius. On the package I didn’t find anything indicating the maximum supported heat. This is why I broke my chips maker and I can’t tell you anything about the chips’ taste.

The chips maker I reviewed is available at for $15.56. If you purchase it, make sure to ask for English instructions.

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