Cherry Blossoms LED Trees for a Magic Atmosphere

Published by on December 13, 2012 under Unique Gift Ideas

Cherry Blossoms LED Trees for a Magic Atmosphere

There are plenty of home gadgets you could choose to change your living room atmosphere completely, starting with a modern and simplistic furniture and continuing with some high-end home cinema wireless interconnected devices. For your intimate room environment one recommendation would be this cool Cherry Blossoms LED Trees from Signals, available in three variants: a White Cherry Blossoms LED Tree to keep it simplistic, the Red Cherry Blossoms LED Tree for extra passion, and the Pink Cherry Blossoms LED Tree to inspire youth and pleasure of living.

Each of these is available at a price of $159.95, which is a bit high for a LED-based gadget, but the design idea is unique.
The LED trees are 12 inches wide and 30 inches tall and can be placed either on a desk or directly on the floor to add a comfortable glow to your room. Each features 200 LED blossoms, while the trunk is made of durable steel wrapped in soft rubberized layer.

The beautiful trees can glow continuously for up to 300,000 hours without consuming significant power amount.

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