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Waterproof Fitness Tracker from Pyle Audio

Published by on November 2, 2013 under Workout

Waterproof Fitness Tracker from Pyle Audio (2)

With this new gadget from Pyle Audio you can track your workouts while listening to the music or your favorite FM radio stations, but you can do this even under water, because the gadget is waterproof. Read more

Could flexible plastic biosensors help the next generation of athletes?

Published by on October 3, 2013 under Workout

Could flexible plastic biosensors help the next generation of athletesA lot has been discussed recently about how the development of flexible plastic electronics is helping the medical profession gather more data about patients’ conditions without the need for invasive surgery. Now, in an expansion of the application, sports experts are looking at the technology to help the next generation of athletes perform better.

A new biosensor, that can be stuck to the skin like a temporary tattoo, has been developed that can tell when levels of lactate build up to levels within the body during exercise that may impact performance. In sporting terms, this is often referred to as ‘hitting the wall’, when levels of lactic acid in the blood restrict the amount of oxygen the muscles can absorb, causing extreme fatigue. Read more

Silicone Watch Records Sport Scores

Published by on September 17, 2013 under Workout

Silicone Watch Records Sport Scores

Sport people can wear a Score Band on their wrists to record their scores for various activities and check the time. The soft silicone wristband is water-resistant and available in several sizes. The gadget has modes for golf keep score and round score, tennis keep game and set score, as well as the option to record scores for any other activity. Read more

Sensoria Anklet Tracks Your Workout

Published by on August 24, 2013 under Workout

Sensoria Anklet Tracks Your Workout (2)

Heapsylon developed Sensoria, a new smart device that attaches to your ankle to track your workout. The kit comes with the smart socks that you have to wear while exercising, while the anklet magnetically snaps on the cuff of one sock. You also have to install the dedicated application on your smartphone (iPhone or Android) to monitor your workout and receive improvement guides together with audio cues in real-time. Read more

DentalVibe Makes Dental Injections Painless

Published by on June 27, 2013 under Workout

DentalVibe Makes Dental Injections Painless

One cause of fear of going to the dentist is the fear of needles and injections. To be sincere, I don’t remember having felt pain during dental injections but that depends on the substance and treatment I guess. Well, I have some good news for those of you who are scared of needles and are sensitive to this type of injections. DentalVibe is a new device created for dentists, which uses the VibraPulse technology to send soothing pulsations into your oral cavity during the injection process. The effect is a painless experience. Read more

Fitbit Flex Wristband Tracks Daily Workout and Sleep Quality

Published by on May 6, 2013 under Workout

Fitbit Flex Wristband Tracks Daily Workout and Sleep Quality (3)

How would you like to have more control over your health with the use of a simple, wearable gadget that doesn’t make you feel it’s on your wrist? Fitbit announced Flex at the Consumer Electronics Show, at the beginning of this year, as the first gadget of this type, featuring both a clip and wristband tracker. The device comes in the form of a flexible wristband with Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and allows you to track your activity and sleep wirelessly. Read more

Smart Back Pain Reliever

Published by on June 23, 2012 under Workout

Smart Back Pain Reliever

Hammacher Schlemmer has this useful device named exactly after its main function: the Back Stretching Pain Reliever. What it does to your back while lying is to support your spine’s natural curvature in order to relieve any back pain. The device comes in a compact form factor, which makes it easy to use anywhere you are, and store in tight spaces. Read more

Smart Scale With WiFi Connectivity

Published by on April 24, 2012 under Workout

Smart Scale With WiFi Connectivity

What would the Wi-Fi connectivity be useful for when it’s features by a scale? Well, along with the digital scale here, Fitbit provides access to an online account through which you can track your health and follow fitness plans. Data uploaded through the wireless connection includes the body mass index, your weight and body fat in percentages, and when you reach your goals you have the option of sharing your personal information with other Fitbit Aria users. Read more

NEO Dr. AcuPro for Self Acupunture

Published by on March 22, 2012 under Workout

NEO Dr AcuPro for Self Acupunture

AcuPro is the latest release from NEO Dr. and an innovative pen-like device that allows you to perform acupuncture from the comfort of your home. It will be released on the Chinese market after the success at the 28th International Medical & Hospital Equipment Show. Read more

Fitcare – Android Wristband With Stress Relieving Function

Published by on March 20, 2012 under Workout

Fitcare – Android Wristband With Stress Relieving Function

A new collaboration between Korea-based Hicel and Philips resulted in an innovative device called Fitcare, which can be worn on the wrist and connect to the user’s Android smartphone to enable stress relieving function. How it does that? Well, in simple words, the wristband analyzes the DNA and pulse through an advanced sensor and displays optimized breathing methods on the built-in LCD. If the user follows the on-screen instructions, he/she will reduce stress and have a deep sleep during night. Developers say that you need to use the device for about 10 minutes before going to sleep. Read more