Protect the Bathroom Against Mold with the DewStop Switch

Published by on July 23, 2013 under Unique Gift Ideas

Protect the Bathroom Against Mold with the DewStop Switch (1)

In case your exhaust fan in the bathroom doesn’t have a humidity sensor, instead of spending on a new fan, you could add a small device on the wall, designed to add this missing function. Read more

Personalized gift ideas for blokes

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Men can be hard to buy for, especially when you want to buy them the perfect gift. It is the thought that counts when purchasing the present. However, that does not mean that anything will be appreciated. You want to show that your present represents just how well you know them. The gift should represent your gratitude for everything they do for you. In the end you buy a gift for someone because you want to and that should be reflected in the gift. The following article lists some great personalized gift ideas for men; put your own special touch on the gift. Vistaprint custom stubby holders

Foosball Table

Personalized gift ideas for blokes (2)

This is not a joke. This is perfect gift for the man that loves his sports. This gift will not sit around and gather dust; hours of fun will be had. How can you personalize this gift though? You can actually choose his favourite team and rivals to be the teams. It’s as simple as choosing their team colours, you can pay a bit more attention to detail with players numbers. You can actually do this yourself or find a craftsman. It’s easier than you think.

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Frame, Set, Match

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Frame Set MatchWe all struggle to find just the right gift sometimes. There’s a continuous challenge to find something that really fits the recipient’s personality or is uniquely suited to the occasion. And don’t forget that it’s always nice to outdo your mother.

There will be plenty of gift registries and heavily-dropped hints to satisfy certain events, like weddings, births, and housewarmings. But chances are, somewhere along the line, you’ll be looking for a unique personalized gift, and a frame will be the only thing to fit the bill.

Personalized items have come a long way since those paper-lined ones that we colored as kids, or the ceramic ones slopped with tempera before Mother’s Day.

In terms of a quality, professional piece that will be durable and remain attractive for years to come, your prospects are fantastic. There was a time not long ago when the best you could hope for was a generic “Niece” or “Our Wedding Day” frame from the local department store. If you were lucky, it would be halfway close to the recipient’s décor. Read more

Lego-Like Calendar Won’t Puzzle You

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Lego Like Calendar Wont Puzzle You (1)

Unfortunately, if you love it, you have to buy it until the day after tomorrow because this is a special offer launched by Busted Tees. Designed like a lego construction, the Puzzle Calendar lets you rearrange the puzzle every month and change the important events in your life as you like. Read more

Cherry Blossoms LED Trees for a Magic Atmosphere

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Cherry Blossoms LED Trees for a Magic Atmosphere

There are plenty of home gadgets you could choose to change your living room atmosphere completely, starting with a modern and simplistic furniture and continuing with some high-end home cinema wireless interconnected devices. For your intimate room environment one recommendation would be this cool Cherry Blossoms LED Trees from Signals, available in three variants: a White Cherry Blossoms LED Tree to keep it simplistic, the Red Cherry Blossoms LED Tree for extra passion, and the Pink Cherry Blossoms LED Tree to inspire youth and pleasure of living. Read more

Playing Cards With Moving Gears and Chains

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Playing Cards With Moving Gears and Chains

I’m not sure how this thing works, but I believe it’s the optical illusion based on two images that show when you move the object, just like on those retro wallets with the Chinese girl whose eye was blinking. The gears and chains on the back of the cards move and the playing cards have a standard size of 2.5 x 3.5 inch. Read more

Gifts for her: the top five ladies gadgets available from Getting Personal

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Guest post

When it comes to choosing gifts for her – whether it is a wife, partner, mother or just a female friend – the perception is still that women aren’t interested in gadgets. They are seen as being inherently geeky – by which people usually mean ‘male’ – but the sheer variety of female-friendly gadgets available online indicates that women appreciate them too. These the top five gadget gifts for her available at

Mini massager

Gifts for her the top five ladies gadgets available from Getting Personal (1)

Lots of women have demanding jobs which, combined with the fact that they usually do more of the work around the house, can mean a lot of stress. If this is the case with your wife/partner, and you are looking for a present that will help her to relax, then the mini massager (along with helping out around the house more!) might be the ideal gift. It’s a battery-powered gadget designed to massage the muscles in the shoulders, neck and back and it can be used either in the home or when on the move. Read more

CSS for Babies Book

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CSS for Babies Book

Do you have a friend who’s a web programmer and his wife has just gave birth? If he also has good sense of humor, let me suggest you a good gift idea for his or his child’s birthday, the CSS for Babies Book. Read more

Out of Print Greeting Cards and Notecards for Literature Lovers

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Out of Print Greeting Cards and Notecards for Literature Lovers

Out of Print are specialized in various fashion items showing some of the world’s great stories including out of print book covers. On their website you can find t-shirts, cell phone cases, journals, bags and others, while two of their latest products are the notecards and greeting cards featuring iconic book covers such as “A streetcar Named Desire”, “Invisible Man”, “Pride and Prejudice” and “The Geat Gatsby”. A set of eight notecards delivers 3.5 x 5.5 inch pieces with rounded edges, blank interior and envelopes. There are seven cards, each with one title and one collage card. The 5 x 7 inch greeting cards have blank interiors and envelopes. Read more

Sumoku Game Set

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Sumoku Game Set

sumoku is a fun game for the whole family that can be played in five ways. Players have to add up tiles to multiply the number on the die and connect all together to create a sumoku. Read more