G-Buzz: Portable Alarm Clock with Phone Charging and FM Radio

GBuzz Portable Alarm Clock with Phone Charging and FM Radio (2)

Good for dorm rooms but especially during camping trips where you need a strong alarm clock to wake everybody up, G-Buzz comes also with two other functions to enable more uses. The new alarm clock created by G-Project is portable and has built-in FM radio and phone charging. Besides these, it’s rugged which makes it great for outdoor use. Read more

Mia Melon Weatherproof Coats

Mia Melon Weatherproof Coats (2)

Raincoats are very helpful when it’s raining outside or when the wind blows strong because the plastic material keeps your body warn while raindrops are prevented from contacting your hair and clothes. The only thing that bothers is that raincoats are not fashionable and no one likes to look funny in them. Umbrellas don’t help a lot either, especially when the wind is too strong. To solve this, Mia Melon launched the weatherproof coats for women, available in trendy colors and different styles. Read more

Solar Powered Tent Charges Your Gadgets

Solar Powered Tent Charges Your Gadgets (4)

This is the Bang Bang Solar Powered Tent coming in two colors and equipped with a 5W solar panel. The built-in solar panel fits inside a pouch on the exterior of the tent and gets power for the lithium battery contained within. You can connect your devices to this battery and always have them fully charged. Read more

Beacon C-Squared: Tiny yet Powerful LED Flashlight

Beacon C Squared Tiny yet Powerful LED Flashlight

Nighthawk is specialized in high-performance lighting and solar charging solutions and recently launched a new small LED flashlight named Beacon C-Squared. The flashlight was designed and optimized for outdoor uses and daily uses, featuring five beam modes and the capability to charge your smartphone or other USB devices. Read more

ShadeStays Holds Your Glasses on the Hat

ShadeStays Holds Your Glasses on the Hat (1)

Sunglasses are an indispensable accessory while working in sunlight and, while some prefer to keep them hanged on the shirt’s neck, others put them on the hat. Both methods work great while standing but sunglasses fall if you bend forward, so , to fix this, Karl Grame came up with the idea of creating a small attachment for your hats, which hold your glasses securely, allowing you to have more freedom of movement. Read more

Behind-the-Neck Ear Warmers with Bluetooth

Behind the Neck Ear Warmers with Bluetooth

Some ear warmers like these seem to be the best solution for keeping your ears warm during cold winter days, without looking funny or damaging your hairstyle. These are not just usual ear warmers because they also feature integrated speakers and the Bluetooth technology for pairing with your smartphone. This means you can keep your hairstyle intact, your ears warm, look modern, listen to the music on the go, and answer phone calls. Read more