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Aluminum Presentation Tube for Your Project Plans and Designs

Published by on August 27, 2014 under Office

Aluminum Presentation Tube Plans Designs (2)

If you this it’s time to replace your old cardboard tubes, containing your project plans or artworks, with something that looks more professional,check out a new product launched at Kickstarter. Called the Arkitube, this is a lightweight aluminum tube that you can use to transport project plans, architectural drawings, posters, and artwork. Read more

Snakable Cables

Published by on May 7, 2014 under Office

Snakable Cables (1)

Inspired by the movement of the plastic snake toy, Snakable was designed by Wes Goulbourne to protect the connectors of cables from breaking. It’s actually a new type if cable with armor, featuring a strain relief system made up of independent free moving ball joints. Read more

Benefits of Customized Items for a Group or Organization

Published by on April 24, 2014 under Office

Benefits of Customized Items for a Group or OrganizationPeople who are trying to promote a sense of unity within a team or organization might want to consider getting customized items made up for their group. Customized items like T-shirts, lapel pins, keychains, magnets, lanyards, patches and more can help a group feel united. There are also a variety of other benefits to taking the time to get a quote on items such as these as well.

For instance, when you order a bulk amount of customized items, you oftentimes will receive the items at a discounted price per unit, meaning that you will pay less for each unit than you would if you didn’t purchase them in bulk. Some retailers might even go so far as to offer you a bulk discount off of your final purchase price if you purchase so many units with them. Read more

Masunaga Wink Glasses Could Prevent the Dry Eye Syndrome

Published by on March 17, 2014 under Office

Masunaga Wink Glasses Could Prevent the Dry Eye Syndrome (2)

I don’t know how many of you know this, but when you work at the computer for a long period of time, you blink less often and, in time, that causes the dry eye syndrome and, when you feel the sting or burn sensation, you end up using eye drops. To prevent this from happening, someone in Japan created these wink glasses called the Masunaga Wink Glasses. Read more

Affordable Kit Turns the Laptop Monitor into a Tablet

Published by on February 23, 2014 under Office

Affordable Kit Turns the Laptop Monitor into a Tablet (1)

This gadget provides a solution for enabling touchscreen function in your laptop running Windows 8, an older version of Windows or Linux. You only need to attach the device on top of the screen, like a laptop web camera, and install the included software. Read more

Computer Mouse with Built-in Camera

Published by on February 21, 2014 under Office

Computer Mouse with Built-in Camera (1)

The King Jim mouse has a built-in camera that activates at the press of the button to start capturing still images, shooting videos, scanning QR codes, or record audio. According to the specifications, you can use the camera of the mouse on computers running the latest Windows operating system, and as you press the dedicated button, the software that comes with the mouse will start so you can see and edit the recorded content directly on the computer. Read more

Warehouse Management Software

Published by on February 18, 2014 under Office

Warehouse Management SoftwareKeeping a warehouse running smoothly takes a lot of concentration and coordination between a lot of people. Large warehouses could hold products that need to be shipped to many different stores or customers at the same time. Ensuring that all stores or all customers get what they want is critical. If a store doesn’t get the inventory that it needs, it could cause customers to become upset or shop elsewhere.

When customers don’t get what they want, they could refuse to pay for their order when they get it. For example, if you sent your customer a video game system when that customer ordered a DVD, the customer isn’t getting what he or she wants. This is poor customer service and could result in lost sales and revenues. Read more

Rapoo’s New Wireless Gold Series of Peripherals Matching iPhone 5s Gold

Published by on January 23, 2014 under Office

Rapoos New Wireless Gold Series of Peripherals Matching iPhone 5s Gold (5)

Created using the same metal treatment as the iPhone 5s Gold, Rapoo’s new series of computer peripherals and mobile accessories is destined to complete your collection of gadgets you rely on every day for entertainment and work. Called the Wireless Peripherals Gold Series, it includes Bluetooth speakers, wireless keyboards, wireless mice, and Bluetooth headsets. Each of them are made from aluminum alloy materials with the Tuhao gold finish. Read more

Retailing Made Easier With iPad POS

Published by on January 21, 2014 under Office

Retailing Made Easier With iPad POS

iPad’s and other tablets are gaining popularity among both casual and business users. High on technology, rich in features, easy to use, and mobile, these devices loaded with suitable POS solutions, are effective and viable alternatives to cash registers and stationary point-of-sale systems that are widely in use today.

With several competitive iPad POS solutions on the market from companies such as Paypal, Groupon, ERPLY, NCR, Square and others, it is important to understand that not all these software packages offer the same features, or are applicable across industries. The choice of POS should be based on business needs and budget constraints. Read more

Partitioning Your Hard Drives is Easy With Partitioning Tools

Published by on January 18, 2014 under Office

Partitioning your hard drives is easy with partitioning toolsTo most users, the words “partitioning your hard drives” do not ring a bell. But to the more advanced users, partitioning your hard drives is a must especially if you have those very large capacity hard drives that can contain up to 2 or 3 terra bytes of data. The reason for partitioning your hard drives is to create a separate partition that is considered or regarded as a different hard drive, meaning, data found or located on a separate partition is totally separated from the rest of the other partitions even if it is on the same hard disk drive. It would not be affected even if you format and reformat the other partitions, or if the other partitions get infected by a virus the data located on a different partition is usually safe and will not be affected by it. You can have multiple partitions on a single disk; it’s up to the user on how much space would there be on each partition and on how many partitions the user would need on a single disk. Read more