Photoshop CS6 Shortcuts – Infographic

Published by on May 23, 2013 under Ladies Accessories

Photoshop CS6 Shortcut CheatSheet - Tags

Photoshop CS6 Cheat Sheet By ZeroLag Hosting – Experts in Magento Hosting

Using Photoshop keyboard shortcuts is a great way to increase productivity while working with advanced design tasks. There are so many keyboard shortcuts that you must be working in the image editing software many hours a day to start memorizing all of them, but they are of great help especially when you’re working on one side of the screen and need to mouse over the other to find the small toolbox with tiny tool icons. That gives even more headaches when you have several windows open and you struggle to change tools.

Remembering a few shortcuts helps but why not to try and use more to speed up your work? Read more

Watches – indispensable accessories

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Watches indispensable accessoriesOf all accessories, a wristwatch has to be the most practical. It’s convenient to wear, looks stylish, is available in many different designs and combines the best of both worlds really – good mechanics and accessorizing without looking geeky. It’s comes as no surprise then that watches have remained a favorite for both men and women. Even mobile phones and smartphones which can also serve as time-telling devices can’t replace the wrist or pocket watch – an accessory that has been around for centuries. Read more

I’ve been framed!… but at least it’s customized.

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Ive been framed but at least its customizedNow is the time to start putting together your summer accessories. You ladies – with your discriminating sense of style – who want to wow your friends at the beach, will want to be ready with more than one pair of shades with custom sunglasses that declare your unique flair! Here are some places to go on the web to choose from an array of existing styles, and some where you can create your own custom frames.

Nectar and Knockaround are good places to start. Both sites offer a very standard frame in a dazzling array of colors, and Knockabout also has a wire rimmed model. At either site you can mix and match the colors by choosing one color for the front, another for the sides, or choose a more elaborate scheme in multiple colors, especially with the build your own feature at Nectar. They have pastels, translucent plastic, translucent with flecks, tortoise shell, snow leopard, and so forth. Inkhead also offers a wide variety of frames styles, colors, and customization options. Read more

How To Achieve A Professional Blow-Dry At Home

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How To Achieve A Professional Blow Dry At Home

Do you want look like a million dollars without it costing the earth? Believe it or not, it’s exceptionally easy to do your own blowout at home. You don’t need salon products for professional results.


Prepare Your Hair

Before you even plug-in your hairdryer, you should prepare your strands for heavy heat. Thermal protection can come in spray or oil forms, but you can also use multi-purpose mousses that create volume too. Don’t use too much product or your salon blowout will suffer. It may even make your tresses appear greasy.


Choose Your Style Weapons Wisely

It’s always worth investing in a high quality hairdryer with a fitted nozzle. This’ll control airflow and protect your hair from raw heat. Salon clips and a round brush are also important for the finished look.

Read more

Frixion Pen – My Favorite Handwriting Tool

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Frixion Pen My Favorite Handwriting Tool (1)

Since I stopped writing by hand years ago, when I got my first computer, my handwriting got ugly and it’s just hard for me to control a writing tool. Recently I discovered a new passion, jewelry making, and while learning stone setting techniques and how to work with metals, different design ideas come up to me and since I’m not used with writing on paper anymore, I always forget the ideas. That’s why I discovered these erasable pens so late, while wandering in a shop, but now I’m a fan of these and want to share with you why. Read more

HANDeBand Enables Secure Hand Grip for Your Devices

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HANDeBand Enables Secure Hand Grip for Your Devices (1)

To protect your tablet or smartphone you already use screen protectors and cases, but one of the latest solutions is the HANDeBand. The accessory attaches to the back of the device so it would be helpful while browsing the web on the smartphone or when using a small or lightweight tablet, or e-book reader, which you can hold in one of your hands, using the other for typing and swiping. Read more

Promotional Materials for Every Need in One Place

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Promotional Materials for Every Need in One Place

Whether you are looking for materials to help promote your business by placing them strategically so people can see your name everywhere, or you’re just someone who wants some nice fridge magnets that can be personalized with calendars and your photos, Signazon seems to be the place that has everything you need. Here you can find everything you could use to promote your product or service in the real world, starting with business cards and calendars and continuing with flyers, invitations, letters, stickers, car decals, etc. Read more

AnyGlove Makes Your Regular Gloves Touchscreen Friendly

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AnyGlove Makes Your Regular Gloves Touchscreen Friendly

Do you have a favorite pair of gloves for cold days but you’re sad because they’re not touchscreen-compatible? AnyGlove comes to help you with that. The product is not an expensive pair of new touchscreen gloves, but a small bottle containing a special liquid that once applied to your gloves’ finger tips enable touch-compatibility. This means you’ll be able to swipe and type on your smartphone using your own gloves. Read more

Flaxus – The Wearable Stylus

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Flaxus The Wearable Stylus (3)

Flaxus by Aeglo is a stylus that you can wear on your wrist. The accessory comes in handy whenever you need to write messages or browse the web on the go, without using your fingers. An example of such a case is during cold winter days, when you’re wearing gloves. Read more

Kisai X LED Watch

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Kisai X LED Watch (4)

If you are a fan of unusual watches from TokyoFlash Japan, you’ll love this new model! It’s called the Kisai X and is another LED watch that challenges you to read time, using colored light rays on black background. The case is made from stainless steel. Read more