Micra and Fuse iPod nano 4G Cases from Belkin


Belkin introduced several fashionable cases designed for the iPod nano 4G, which not only add a nice finish to the popular player, but also protect it from scratches.
Belkin’s new cases seem to be on anyone’s taste when it comes to this type of protection, as they are transparent leaving the original color of iPod nano 4G visible, and at the same time showing different graphical designs. Read more

AnyDATA APT-210 Stylish Personal Tracking Device

anydata-apt-210-stylish-personal-tracking-deviceWhether you raise a big dog, care for an elderly adult or just want to know your kid safe at any time, the AnyDATA APT-210 personal care device is a great solution because it was designed especially for allowing you to track its wearer.
It is an award-winning product at CTIA 2009 for the innovation degree and has an attractive design with glossy exterior and rounded shape.

The wearer can carry it inside a pocket as it measures only 56 x 56 x 18 mm at 1.38 Ounces and is able to report the location in real-time to a monitoring service provider. Read more