Benefits of Customized Items for a Group or Organization

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Benefits of Customized Items for a Group or OrganizationPeople who are trying to promote a sense of unity within a team or organization might want to consider getting customized items made up for their group. Customized items like T-shirts, lapel pins, keychains, magnets, lanyards, patches and more can help a group feel united. There are also a variety of other benefits to taking the time to get a quote on items such as these as well.

For instance, when you order a bulk amount of customized items, you oftentimes will receive the items at a discounted price per unit, meaning that you will pay less for each unit than you would if you didn’t purchase them in bulk. Some retailers might even go so far as to offer you a bulk discount off of your final purchase price if you purchase so many units with them. Read more

Bag Hanger and Phone Stand

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Bored of those round bag hangers that everyone has? Gizmine added a new model to their catalog, and now you can replace your old hanger with more style. The Bag Hanger Glasses are small, cute and can hold up to 5Kg. Read more

Sensor Lamp Detects Earthquakes

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Sensor Lamp Detects Earthquakes (1)

The Shock Sensor Lamp was developed as a simple tool that alerts you whenever it detects quakes of magnitude 3 on the Japan Meteorological Agency seismic intensity scale, and it does it by automatically switching on. The lamp is small, at 8.8 x 3.6 cm, so you can place it on a wall, door and even purse, using wither the built-in magnet or the strap. Read more

World Cup Mobile Gambling Could be Explosive

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World Cup Mobile Gambling Could be ExplosiveAll the big players are vying for selection ahead of the World Cup finals in Brazil – and we aren’t talking about football here. Instead – it’s the mobile betting revolution that will take centre stage in the forthcoming World Cup to a greater extent than any sporting event hitherto.

So the scramble for a share of the market is intense to say the least.

Betfair is the latest gambling provider to launch a news-with-insight app for Android users. This is a clear acknowledgement from the world’s biggest gambling exchange that mobile gambling is the way the market is moving now. And as users look for ever-greater input and insight – Betfair is looking to provide exactly that across a wide range of sports as it seeks to capitalize on the burgeoning popularity of online gambling via mobile devices. Read more

SmartMove Insoles for Wireless Activity Tracking

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SmartMove Insoles for Wireless Activity Tracking

Unlike other activity trackers that come in the shape of a wrist band, watch, ankle accessory, or shirt accessory, SmartMove is an innovative tracker coming in the shape of insoles. They can track your activity while you’re wearing your favorite shoes and the gadget promises to measure everything very accurately. Read more

GLX5 Rugged Case by Urban Armor Gear

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GLX5 Rugged Case by Urban Armor Gear (3)

Coming in Aero, Maverick, Navigator, Outland, and Scout designs, the GLXS5 is a new rugged case for Samsung Galaxy S5, developed by Urban Armor Gear and tested to meet military specifications. The case model combines style and protection with functionality and convenience to enable protection against sharp objects and accidental impacts. Read more

Rechargeable Batteries Explained

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Rechargeable Batteries Explained
Image by awnisALAN

Rechargeable batteries are now commonplace in society and there are many different types which can be bought in store or online. Before trying to find batteries online you need to know exactly what battery you need and here we look at some of the different types available.

The Nickel Cadmium battery

This is one of the longest established, dating back as far as the 19th century. This type of battery uses nickel hydroxide for the positive electrode, cadium as the negative electrode and potassium hydroxide as the electrolyte. The battery’s small size and discharge capacity makes them ideal for smaller devices and they have received praise for their consistency and the fact they keep their performance until the point at which they come to the end of their charge cycle. In recent years however, they have been overtaken, to some extent, by newer Lithium and Nickel-Metal Hydride batteries. Read more

Dumbbell iPhone Case

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Dumbbell iPhone Case

Who would’ve thought that a heavy iPhone case can also be the healthiest? DesirableBody introduced the ToneFone weighted case for the iPhone 5/5S and you can use it as a fitness accessory to exercise your hands whenever you send a text message or answer a phone call. Read more

The Holy Grail Enabled Bulletproof Screen Protection on your Smartphone

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The Holy Grail Enabled Bulletproof Screen Protection on your Smartphone

Sir Lancelot’s Armor creates high-quality screen protectors for various smartphones and tablets, using recyclable materials, and their latest product, called the Holy Grail, is a bulletproof screen protector with a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale. Read more

RumbaTime Gramercy Watches

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RumbaTime Gramercy Watches (1)

RumbaTime recently launched their latest watch collection called Gramercy, featuring adjustable braided bands. There are six watches in the new collection – Lights Out, Gold, Hemlock, Placid Blue, Paloma, and Radiant Orchid – and you can easily match them with any of your casual outfits because they look so lightweight and easy to wear. Read more