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Create Art for Coffee and Desserts with the CinniBird Pen

Published by on May 24, 2014 under Home

Create Art for Coffee and Desserts with the CinniBird Pen (5)

A team of product designers from Hungary created a kitchen gadget shaped like a bird or dolphin that allows anyone to create beautiful art on coffee, desserts and other types of drinks or foods. The tool is called CinniBird and you have to load it with ground material such as cinnamon, cocoa, red beet, pepper, paprika, ground sugar, and parsley, to make creative drawings and messages of drinks and foods. Read more

Samurai Knives Set

Published by on May 4, 2014 under Home

Samurai Knives Set (1)

The Samurai Kitchen Knife Set is beautiful, minimalist and unusual-looking. The wooden stand that doesn’t occupy much space in your kitchen holds four of the most popular knives designed to look like samurai swords, but in miniature. The bread, utility, paring, and carving knives stay in red shaves, while aluminum safety sheaves are not missing wither. Read more

Filterless and Silent Air Purifier

Published by on April 26, 2014 under Home

Filterless and Silent Air Purifier (1)

Unlike air purifiers that use replaceable costly filters to clean the air in the home, this one uses a different approach. The Filterless Air Purifier emits billions of electrons that attach to impurities in the air and converts them to negatively charged ions. These impurities, which can be allergens, smoke or dust particles, gravitate and bond to the collection tube which is positively charged. Read more

Control Lights in Your Home With a Smart Cube

Published by on April 25, 2014 under Home

Control Lights in Your Home With a Smart Cube (3)

It’s not easy for me to explain how this gadget works but, in a few words, it’s a remote control for the lights in a room, shaped like a cube. The shape wasn’t chosen at random, but each face of the cube has a specific function which activates as you turn it up. For example, to turn off the lights, you have to place the cube with the Off symbol up, but you also have the possibility to activate motion color and motion dimming. Random light colors are activated as you shake the cube. Read more

Refrigerator Accessories

Published by on April 25, 2014 under Home

A new refrigerator is a serious investment in your kitchen, and you want to keep it in top condition for long as possible. When you bring home a new appliance, it’s important to know where you can pick up extra light bulbs, filters and other accessories. When you’re prepared with the right items, it’s easy to keep your refrigerator in top condition for years to come. It’s also important to use factory authorized items to avoid causing damage to your refrigerator or inadvertently shortening the life span.

The Right Bulbs

refrigerator light bulbYour refrigerator uses special bulbs to illuminates the interior when the doors open without adding too much heat to the space. The right bulbs will fit properly and last for several years at a time. It may cost a little more to invest in a quality bulb, but the longevity and proper fit makes them more cost-effective in the long run. Read more

ElevEase Shower Step

Published by on April 25, 2014 under Home

ElevEase Shower Step (2)

ElevEase is a new bathroom accessory that sets on the bathroom’s wall, in a corner, where you want it, and you can use it as a shower step whenever you need to shave your legs, clean your heels with a ponce stone, clip nails, apply nail varnish, massage, or apply moisturizers, tanning lotions and exfoliating creams. Read more

Sceptre Color Series 32 inch LED HDTVs

Published by on April 23, 2014 under Home

Sceptre Color Series 32 inch LED HDTVs (3)

The newly launched Sceptre LED HDTV series doesn’t come with Smart TV features or full HD resolution, but instead it offers a cool alternative to the classic design of the existing TVs. If you care more about the look of the TV in your room and want something colorful, you could pick one of the new HDTVs from Sceptre’s Color Series. Read more

The Kago Bendable Basket

Published by on April 21, 2014 under Home

The Kago Bendable Basket (3)

Here is a simple idea that turns into a beautiful item for your home. Named Kago, this unusual piece of metal is made of pure tin which adds a silver finish and makes malleable. Thanks to the smart cutting design, it allows you to create different shapes and turn the flat piece into a beautiful, modern vase for your artificial flower arrangements, or into a spectacular fruit basket. Read more

Sensor Lamp Detects Earthquakes

Published by on April 20, 2014 under Home

Sensor Lamp Detects Earthquakes (1)

The Shock Sensor Lamp was developed as a simple tool that alerts you whenever it detects quakes of magnitude 3 on the Japan Meteorological Agency seismic intensity scale, and it does it by automatically switching on. The lamp is small, at 8.8 x 3.6 cm, so you can place it on a wall, door and even purse, using wither the built-in magnet or the strap. Read more

Understanding Home Maintenance Issues With The Help Of Home Automation

Published by on April 17, 2014 under Home

Understanding Home Maintenance Issues With The Help Of Home Automation

Home automation systems are a wonderful wave of the future, but they do much more for homeowners than manage parts of the home remotely or automatically. Surely, the homeowner can turn on the security system with their smartphone or check to make sure that they turned off the stove before they left the house. However, the homeowner can get a great deal of information from the system that tells them the maintenance issues they have in the house. Read more