Untitled Jersey City Project: New TV Series Featuring 2012 Audi A6 as one of the Main Characters

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I’m a big fan of action television series like Prison Break, Dexter and Breaking Bad, and what counts most when I choose to spend hours and hours watching a new tv show are the story, the action speed and actors’ talent. Usually, after the fourth season, something goes wrong and the story becomes similar to a soap opera, so what would you say if I’d tell you there is a new engaging tv drama airing during Sunday primetime movies of FX, and everyone is already talking about it. It consists of eight short-form episodes and a suspenseful, modern plot. The story is centered around fame, money, power, death, and the dark secrets hidden by men working for an architectural firm.

The interesting aspect here is that the series is an experimental entertainment concept in development, launched by FX and Audi. It wouldn’t be hard to guess that Audi is involved in this, as the episodes have a non-human main character – the superb 2012 Audi A6.

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Diagnose Your Car’s Health With the CarMD Vehicle Health System

Diagnose Your Cars Health With the CarMD Vehicle Health System

If you are not a mechanic, nor an experienced car-fixer, you could use an affordable solution developed for all drivers out there, who prefer to fix things by themselves. It’s called the CarMD Vehicle Health System and consists of a handheld device and an online service. You can use it with any car, minivan, SUV or light truck released since 1996. The device is smart and easy to use, featuring red, yellow and green indicator lights to show when there is a hidden vehicle engine problem or when the engine requires immediate repair. The device provides insight on repairs, components and costs before your arrival to the repair shop, and allows you to check to see if the vehicle is ready for a required emissions test. Drivers can also analyze used cars before purchasing. Read more

Innotrends Ca-Fi In-Car Infotainment System

Innotrends Ca-Fi In-Car Infotainment System

I’m sure you’ve heard of Wi-Fi, Mi-Fi and others, but I bet you haven’t heard of Ca-Fi, an innovative Android-based in-car system for infotainment. It is a device powered by a Freescale Contex A8 processor to support advanced multimedia at 1.2GHz, the Android operating system, touchscreen input in a high-resolution 6.2-inch display, application downloads, a customizable user interface and easy installation. Read more

Mercedes Aria by Slavche Tanevski

Author: Elena Opris

Mercedes Aria by Slavche Tanevski

Designed by Slavche Tanevski, who also designed the highly-acclaimed Lamborghini Ankonian, this new Mercedes Aria concept has been created in the Mercedes-Benz Design Studio, under the careful watch of the company’s design chiefs and designers. It targets Mercedes’ vision of luxury cars in 2030. Read more