Malware Warning Removed. We Are Back

Malware Warning Removed. We Are BackYesterday started as a shocking day, when I discovered the malware warning message as I was trying to access my blog. Today things got back to normal, thanks to our favorite social media marketing company, IZEA, who moved quickly and fixed this issue.

The message scared me at first, because I don’t know much about code injection and how to remove malware from a site, while it was also amusing, in a way, as this happened right when I was about to publish the article about my experience with Bitdefender. Bitdefender Total Security 2013 is the security software I’m using to protect my computer from online threats and it has been doing a great job so far, for the last three years, while it also was the one that prevented me from accessing my own site to not get infected. Read more

We’re Open for Nominations at WishFree Tech Blog Awards 2012!

We’re Open for Nominations at WishFree Tech Blog Awards 2012! are on the hunt for the Best Technology Blog so they launched the Tech Blog Awards where you can nominate your favorite technology blogs. By September 30th, your votes will decide the top 10 blogs that will enter the final round, while on October 10th, nominations will be closed so the winner will be announced on October 12nd. Read more

Old twitter Account Hacked. Announcing New twitter Account

Old twitter Account Hacked. Announcing New twitter Account

Guys, it’s time to tell you some of the latest news regarding As you already guessed from the title, the first twitter account was hacked a while ago. I don’t know exactly how that happened, but it turned out that my personal information wasn’t recognized anymore so I wasn’t able to login to that account. I suspect someone got the hands on the password, which was the same for several social networking sites. My bad. Will never happen again.

That and the fact that twitter didn’t gave me the access to the old account back, made me decide it’s time to create a new account wearing a similar name so you can easily find it and switch to it as soon as you can. Read more