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Card Ninja Smartphone Wallet

Published by on April 21, 2015 under Mobile

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Wallet cases for smartphones are great mobile accessories when you need to keep your credit cards on the phone so you can access them quickly, but the Card Ninja Smartphone Wallet doesn’t cover the whole handset. You have to simply attach it to the back of the phone and insert cards in it.

The smartphone wallet features a strong adhesive but can be easily removed without damaging the phone. This is a feature you have to carefully look for when you’re buying something like this because there are also non-removable phone wallets.

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If you can use this on the phone directly it means you can attach it to a case too, based on your preference, and it can hold not only cards but also cash. The product’s description doesn’t say how many though.

Card Ninja is made of spandex and you can get it in black or silver from for $19.99.

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