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Capture Those Moments of Your Kids Right on Your Phone!

Published by on June 25, 2013 under Mobile

Capture Those Moments of Your Kids Right on Your PhoneAs a sports mom you’re constantly snapping photos, recording clips of your son or daughter’s games; basically, your phone is always on hand to ensure those special moments are captured. Through your endeavors of recording your child’s sports games you may have noticed some errors, as you play back the videos and watch what you have recorded you might notice a hand jumping in the video or half of the video you don’t have a clear shot of the game. This may be fine until your video misses that game’s winning shot or you child’s star moment. What if there was a way to edit as you go, to record the video YOU want?

Welcome the next big thing in the app world, Givit, a new video app for your iDevices that allows you to record and edit amazing videos that are full of the moments you want to capture. This nifty app allows you to enhance all those great moments you’ve captured. You’re even able to edit and upload videos you have stored elsewhere. Want to share your video masterpiece highlighting your child’s wonderful performance in their basketball game? No problem. Givit has customizable sharing settings that will allow you to directly upload your video to Facebook, YouTube, and even to email contacts. This app, unlock many others, is really designed with the user’s needs in mind.

If you haven’t touched base in the video app world, now’s the time to do so. Givit has features that are workable and high quality that allow you to create a video with your vision and main purpose in mind. Grab it on the itunes store!

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