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Buying Eyelet Curtains Online – A How to Guide

Published by on September 18, 2013 under Decor

Buying Eyelet Curtains Online A How to GuideShopping for eyelet curtains online may seem easier than shopping in person when you think about it, but it does pose some challenges that can take a little extra work to overcome. There are some things that you need to keep your eyes peeled for as well to ensure that you can get the best deal possible, and to help you find the perfect patterns and colors to match the room that you intend to place the eyelet curtains.

Finding the Best Deals

One of the most important aspects of shopping for eyelet curtains is the price. People like to get a great deal on their purchases, but it isn’t always easy to find these deals. You may need to do a bit of searching around in order to find deals, but some of these tips should help you out.

Check professional businesses over individual sellers, they often have great deals for new products.

Check the “sales” section of the website that you’re shopping on, most will have special deals going on and you could get lucky.

Compare prices between sites to check which one offers the best deals.

Ask a friend their personal choice if you know someone who has used an online website to purchase eyelet curtains.


Matching is one of the most difficult aspects of curtain shopping online, but it is much easier than visiting a store. One simple trick that you can use to match the curtains to the room that they are being placed in is to take the image of the eyelet curtains and print it on a color printer. Then, you can use this image to compare it to the furniture in your home. You can even take it one step further by taking multiple images and using them to do side by side comparisons of one another.


It is very easy to scam people online, which is one of the reasons that it’s recommended that you always buy your curtains from a professional and not from an independent person. When purchasing, you can typically find out information about the types of fabric that was used and other useful bits of information that could help you determine the quality of the curtains. This is important so that you don’t end up with a cheap product that you wouldn’t have even wanted in the first place. This happens far too often on the Internet because people don’t get to communicate face to face and can’t actually see the fabric itself.


It is a very smart idea to try and find eyelet curtain deals that offer a refund option, even if you have to pay for the shipping and handling to return it. Sometimes you may think you’re buying something else when you’re not, or a mistake could be made on the seller’s end. You can even purchase the right product but have it not look how you thought it looked on screen. It isn’t necessary, but it can be a good idea.

Curtain Length

You need to always consider the length of the curtains you are buying. You should measure the area that you will be placing the curtains beforehand so that you can find as close of a match online as possible. Some curtains are designed for longer windows, and some for shorter, so keep that in mind when shopping. You should be able to see a size on just about any curtain that you are looking at.

Curtain Accessories

You can get small accessories to go along with your curtains. For a few ideas, some people choose to get curtain scarves or specialized curtain rings. There is a wide array of choices out there, and they will probably be sold at the same place that you’re buying the eyelet curtains themselves. Take a look around and see what is available.

Curtain Rod

Curtains do not come with a curtain rod with them, so you’ll have to buy that separately. According to OverStock, you should try and find a rod that matches along with the curtains, and when buying along, go with a telescopic rod since they are easier to ship and can be adjusted to avoid the mistake of you ordering the wrong size. The curtain rod you choose and really tie the piece together. Even though it’s not the main component, it is still very important.


Buying curtains online is much easier than having to buy them in person, and if you can overcome the slight difficulties, you can easily get a piece that will make your room look extravagant. Take your time and find what is right for you. Follow all of these tips and you’ll have curtains that you can be proud to cover your windows with.


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