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BTrace Tracks Your Child, Pet and Important Objects on Your Smartphone

Published by on December 19, 2014 under Mobile

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When you’re in a hurry, losing your child in a mall is not uncommon if it’s crowded. One in five times while I’m at the mall shopping I hear the voice from the speakers asking parents to get their lost child from the info desk area. Malls are safe, but while outside running, it’s hard for people to find their lost dog. While children can speak to say their name and address, dogs can wear a tag with the name and phone number on the collar, but when you’re losing your bag, laptop or other important object, it becomes almost impossible to recover it. BTrace is a device that can help you in all these three cases.

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The smart tracking device called BTrace uses a smartphone app, a small hardware tag and multiple technologies to monitor and display the position of the person, animal or object you want to track, while alerting you in case the tag gets out of range. To do this, the BTrace tag comes equipped with a microprocessor; gyroscope, accelerometer and compass motion sensors; receivers for GPRS, GPS and Wi-Fi; and Bluetooth. The application runs on your smartphone, on which you receive the position of the tag after the algorithm collects, processes and calculates data from the sensors. In the mobile application you can see the distance and direction to the tag. BTrace works even indoors, when there is no GPS, Wi-Fi, or cell phone reception, but when these are available, the tag provides an even more accurate position.

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When the person, animal or object is out of range, you receive a voice alarm notification on the phone. Within the free application you can connect and track multiple tags; set personalized alerts; choose to receive audio-, vibration- or light-based notifications; and get over-the-air updates. You can even set different distance limits for shopping malls and parks, so for example, if your child gets out of the preset range, you are instantly notified on your phone.

btrace tracks child pet objects (1)

BTrace can operate in a range of up to 100 meters and has a long operating time of at least 6 months from a full charge. More than that, the tag is waterproof so you can use it outside too, even when it’s raining.

Play the video below to see how BTrace works:

The company behind BTrace plans to release the smart tracking device in Q2 2015 and launched a crowd funding campaign at Indiegogo, where you can pre-order BTrace at for $18 to get a tag, the BTrace app and free shipping.

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