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The Bottle Cap Catcher

Published by on June 4, 2011 under Home

Author: Elena Opris

The Bottle Cap Catcher

Men are interesting creatures that leave various useless objects around with no consideration for cleaning. Bottle Cap Catcher comes as a solution for loose bottle caps that can be easily stepped on.

The Bottle Cap Catcher
The Bottle Cap Catcher
The Bottle Cap Catcher

Designed by Stefano Di Lollo and manufactured by Trudeau, the Bottle Cap Catcher opens any bottle and automatically swallows the cap. The durable crystal clear plastic body with a stainless steel opener and black silicone accents has a flexible base that can be opened to dispose the caps (over 30 can be stored).

Demo video:

The smart bottle opener with storage is available at retail stores, independent shops across USA and on Amazon, for the retail price of $9.99.

Thanks, Stefano!

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