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Bonjour Alarm Clock with Artificial Intelligence

Published by on November 5, 2016 under Home


Bonjour is a personal assistant that takes care of your daily routine. Featuring artificial intelligence, the voice-controlled alarm clock speaks to you and based on weather, calendar, traffic, and activity updates, it gives you advices.

For example, Bonjour checks traffic reports and wakes you up if it detects a major traffic jam, or wakes you up later in the morning if there’s bad weather. Knowing your agenda, the device sets the alarm automatically so you don’t miss anything and tells you with a human voice what you have to do at a specific hour.

Bonjour Alarm Clock Artificial Intelligence

In case you haven’t finished your daily exercises, Bonjour will tell you how to reach your goals by the end of the day. It does that while integrated with devices like FitBit or Apple Health.

More than that, it gets smarter everyday by learning your routine, plus it allows you to control your home devices with voice commands, acting as a smart hub. For example, you can tell Bonjour to turn off the light in the kitchen, adjust the temperature in your home or even check your security camera.


All of these are done using just natural conversation and no smartphone app. You can find out more about the project at Kickstarter and get one device for $99.

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