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How to Create Stylish Black and White Photos with Movavi Photo Noir

Published by on March 2, 2017 under Apps

Recently after seeing a particularly stunning black and white portrait, I decided to try to take one myself. Initially what I did was set my digital camera to ‘grayscale’, assuming that would get me the type of black and white photo that I was after.

Unfortunately I was in for a big disappointment, and although the photo was technically ‘black and white’ it had none of that vintage elegant quality that I was after. It was only then that I realized that there is more to black and white photography than meets the eye, and so I set out to find some way to create stunning black and white photos of my own.

The one software I found that really blew everything else out of the water was Movavi Photo Noir. As its name implies it is a simple black and white photo editor that exists solely to help convert color photos into black and white images. Although it is a specialized software, I was pretty skeptical as to whether or not it would be able to create the artistic style of black and white photography that I was after.

Honestly my skepticism didn’t last very long at all, and in fact it vanished completely in a matter of minutes. To get started all I had to do was add the photo that I wanted to convert, and then I was able to choose from among the 14 different filters that were available – each of which with a unique type of shading that creates unique black and white effects. Some of the effects that were available were even more impressive than what I had in mind and I’ll admit I spent quite some time browsing between them.

After experimenting with the different filters, I found one that was almost what I wanted – but not quite there. Fortunately Movavi Photo Noir allowed me to directly manipulate the color settings and tweak the shadows, highlights, contrast, and various other parameters until I was well and truly happy with my black and white photo. To manipulate these parameters all I had to do was adjust a few sliders, so it really was pretty painless.

Although I was already pretty impressed by what Movavi Photo Noir had to offer, I hadn’t yet noticed its most interesting feature. With a few clicks I was able to select a brush that allowed me to re-paint the color back into the subject in my photo. It didn’t take me long to realize what a huge impact this could have, as I was now able to add splashes of color to my black and white photos and could create some truly unique-looking images.

All in all I’m thoroughly happy with Movavi Photo Noir as now not only am I able to create stunning black and white photos of my own, but I can also come up with artistic-looking images that have splashes of color to draw more attention to the areas that I want. It is truly a unique software – so be sure to try it if you want to get into black and white photography.

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