Biscuit Box by Robert Archard

Biscuit Box by Robert Archard

Published by on March 10, 2011 under Outdoors

Guest post written by Andreea R.

Biscuit Box by Robert Archard

Always the little cute things attracted a lot of women. Whether it is a brooch, a scarf, a clamp, a jar for honey or a teaspoon, women have felt the need to buy this kind of little things and never have been felt suffocated by their presence in every corner of the house. Usually, these pretty things speak volumes about the owner and about her personality. But let’s not forget about their utility.

Biscuit Box by Robert Archard

If you want to surprise your dainty wife or girlfriend with a small, fragile but useful gift, then give her the ceramic jam ring biscuit box by Robert Archard. The box has a brass hinge and is just the right size to house a jam ring biscuit.

Biscuit Box by Robert Archard

At Beyond the Valley store it costs only EUR 33. If you have a child, then the little attention is even more useful. House in this beautiful box a biscuit and promise your child that he will have that delicious sweet whenever he does something good, or at least he won’t spread his toys all over the house. Cute and useful little things always make life sweet!

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