Bikini Dissolves in the Water to Make a Big Surprise

Published by on August 2, 2009 under Ladies Accessories

Bikini That Dissolves in the Water to Make a Big Surprise

I was so busy reviewing different gadgets that I almost missed this cool items sold in Germany.
In the box is a beach suit consisting of two pieces – the bra and a bikini – but the hilarious thing is that after the person wearing it enters in the water, the bikini start to melt completely in about three minutes. I won’t continue describing the consequences of this situation, but I’m sure you laugh just by imagining them.
I hope at least the woman who received it as a gift will feel something’s wrong before coming out from the water half naked.

This set is great for those who plan to do a crazy joke to someone very, very close, or someone you really hate.
The Water Soluble Bikini is available at the German online store called Cultstyles, and at the Revengeshop for EUR 9.99.
You can find it in 34, 38 , 40 and 42 sizes, but only 34 is a tanga.
The beach suit is described as being made from 80% Polyamid and 20% Elasthan, but it probably refers only to the bra piece.

(Seen on The gift)

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