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BB3BottleCam – Water Bottle With Hidden Camera

Published by on November 14, 2016 under Office


If you want to capture some images in places where you are not allowed with cameras, just use the BB3BottleCam with it`s hidden camera. This is possible because no one who sees you with a bottle of water in hand, thinks that you are recording.

Because of the motion-activated spy camera, you don’t have to worry about pressing the start button. You can place it wherever you want and you can even drink from it like from any regular water bottle.

With the help of the long life battery (up to 30 hours of recording) and the support for up to 64GB of external memory, you can record long events.

The BB3BottleCam spy camera can record high-resolution 1280 x 960 video. The recording can be played as soon as you plug the SD card into your computer, laptop, or any device that has an SD card slot.

There’s also compatibility with Windows, up to Windows 10, and Mac.


The product includes:

– Remote Control
– USB Cable
– AC Adapter
– User Manual

Features :

• HD video recording: 1280×720 color
• HD viewing angle: 62 degrees
• Standard viewing angle: 72 degrees
• HD max recording time per ~1GB: 20 min
• Standard max recording time per ~ 1GB: 30 min
• Supports up to 64 GB external memory
• HD video battery life: up to 15 hours
• Standard video battery life: up to 30 hours
• Compatible with Windows 8 and earlier (if using Windows 10, you have to use card in card reader), and MAC

You can purchase the product at the price of $349 from Gadgets and Gear.

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