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Banana USB Battery Charger

Published by on August 22, 2009 under Unique Gift Ideas

Banana USB Battery Charger (2)

I like this charger a lot! As you can see it is a yellow banana-shaped battery charger that would look really cool on your desk while charging 2A and 3A Ni-Cd/Ni-Mh battery types.

Banana USB Battery Charger
Banana USB Battery Charger (3)

It works while connected to the computer USB port via the cable and it’s made from soft silicone. There is a banana stem that links to the two bananas and you can charge only 2 batteries at a time. The LED light indicator shows when the batteries are charging, while the yellow LED light tells you when they are fully charged.

You can’t use with Alkaline batteries but it supports the following capacities: AAA 500mAh/1,000mAh and AA 1,200mAh/2,300mAh/2,400mAh/2,500mAh.

Brando has it for $22.

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  1. Noah Martin says:

    may friend had a china made battery charger and it overheated after a week;“

  2. battery chargers that are made in china are a bit under rated so i don’t use them anymore;”*

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